We are approaching this as a life long art form.  We are always trying update and learn new techniques.  This is part of passion and pursuit to become well versed in all aspects of this.  We spend all of our collective energy thinking of new ways to better our system and members.  Our system is a fusion of what we have learned from other avenues and blended with our needs an observations as what we have tested and seen through the years.  We have developed the C.O.A.L system as a set of the basic building blocks to prepare someone to train with us consistently.  There is a personal responsibility outside of monthly or weekly trainings to truly internalize this knowledge and put the individual effort in on every level.


The Green Mountain Rangers C.O.A.L (Candidate Overall Assessment List) is a grouping of techniques and Drills that are categorized by their implementation.  They cover all of your basics needed for Woodland, CQB & MOUT environments.  They are essential to anyone who is looking to be a part of the team.