Hold the team above self.  Respect in the Family in your action, communication and mentality.

Strive to be an Asset in all facets.  Be an example for others to follow in positivity, preparation and posture.  Your equipment, resolve and physical stature are the reflections of your commitment to the team.

Give; don't take.  Give your energy, time and dedication to the group benefit.  Do not divert focus, attention and drive for self benefit or self pity.  The Team is meant to forge a solid structure for us to support and empower other members.  Do not focus on what others can do better than you, dissolve your ego and ask them to show you how to better yourself.  Give your intention and take their offerings.  Motivate rather then discourage.

Speak to members as if they are your family.  Hold members and internal information in high regard as you would your child.  Our knowledge and work is worth protecting, just as protecting a team mate.  Never speak ill of the Team or Member to an outsider, never share information to an outsider but communicate clearly the proper channels for contacting the unit.  Never go against the Family and keep your mouth shut.

Undertake all actions as if the entire family is watching.  Our honor is more important than winning.  We respect the truth, culture and sacrifice past measured success in a game.  Your attitude, voice, writing and temperament are direct reflections of the unit. 

Don't run to your death.  Follow the culture, training and instinct, there is always another solution to a problem thats right in front of you.  Sometimes it takes a step back to see the bigger picture.  We always take the hardest way possible as it's the one most will not follow, expect or prepare for.

There is always something more that can be done.  Never be satisfied or comfortable, this applies to training, development and competition.  Develop your strengths and feed them to others, identify your weaknesses and fears and dissolve them though the team.  Family is meant to get you through situations that may not be possible alone.

Question scientifically an rationally all actions, doctrines, concepts and ideas.  Keep dissecting the knowledge to make it more complete and encompassing.   New creativity is encouraged with the proper forethought and presentation.  Change can be the only constant.

Be methodical, calculated and swift in your application.  Remove any doubt or question from your adversaries.  Never take the easy kill, have the engagement be the complete removal of any threat.  Obey the 3-5 rule and always protect the family.


team Voting Stucture



All decisions before the team will have a discussion, arguments for and against the majority rule outcome.

All members Support Element ( Grey Diamond ) and above are allocated one vote.  Operational Assets and below can give input if invited to the discussion but have no voting power.

A request for a vote must be mentioned by one member and second supported by another.  The vote will commence after a discussion session.  Arguments both for and against will not exceed one hour.  Voting will always be done in person, vocally and you must be present to vote.  A vote will commence immediately after and majority always rules.  If a tie, patched members will vote again and it will be majority rule.  If there is still a deadlock, a coin toss will be used to decide all.

Voting will generally cover attending OP's, advancement, purchases and any other disputed discussions.



Full Member - Black Diamond

Final Phase Candidate - Blacked Out Diamond

First Phase Candidate - Solid Black Diamond

Support Element - Grey Diamond

Training Group - Support Patch