Music : System of a Down - Suite Pee / B. West - Believe Me Kanye - Black Skinhead / 6ix9ine - Billy / XXXtentacion - YuNg BrAtZ / Kyuss - El Rodeo / Kids See Ghosts - 4th Dimension / Kodak Black - Codeine Dreamin C.N.N - Y'all dont wanna / Drake - Mob Ties






Music : Kendrick Lamar - M.A.A.D City






Music: Kodak Black - Drowning Future - Mask Off / Lil Peep - Awful Things / 21 Savage - Bank Account

Zulu 24 Practice Video, because I feel deep down that every time I say training I feel so pretentious.  I had to put that out there to start, just to give you an idea of why we will always put that in our title.  This is the first practice video since the last practice video we made for the team.  The one where we basically didn’t show or explain anything we did.  There was a different outlook on things back then, the time felt way more volatile and we held everything very close.  This was good in a way because a lot of the ideas and techniques were not all there yet.  We needed to keep them close to cultivate them and build them to what they are today.  We have streamlined everything to a point where we feel like its easy and viable to teach other people.  The methods are simple and nothing is to complicated.  Within a day of going through things, you will definitely learn something and have a new perspective on things.  Thats the goal going forward, in order to build this community of people who enjoy doing this.  You have to spread this knowledge, but at the same time you have to understand it and enjoy it.  Doing these larger trainings has given me a whole new love for this, thats what I tried to capture in this video.  Hoping to show other people that it is possible for them to do this too if they really want to.  Also to give them an idea of what an actual weekend with us would be like.  For the songs, I used Kodak Black Drowning because you an see everyone in the beginning drowning in their heads with all the different techniques and information going through it.  It was so much to take in, it left them drowning.  I used Future mask off because its one of the first times we didn’t rock balaclavas and I always rock that shit.  Lil peeps awful things I don’t think needs to much of a description why, but shout out to Lil Peep RIP.  Use your imagination on that one.  I used 21 savage bank account because of all the hardware in that section, shit was not bank account friendly.  It ended with some drake look alive because it was a long day of doing shit together.  We were ending strong with some raids and assaults, which can be confusing at night time if your not paying attention.  So basically, get your shit together and look alive..





Music:  Lil Peep - U Said / Offset - Ric Flair Drip / Kodak Black - Tunnel Vision

SHAKA ZULU 24, filmed at Zulu 24 Airsoft from the head cams of Paul (A12), Me (A13), Twist (D43) & E (D46).  Card/Camera issues are the reason we didnt have everyones head cam footage.  This was filmed with all contours, each one a different version as can be seen by the quality difference in each.  The songs were chosen each for a specific reason. Kodak Blacks, Tunnel Vision was picked as a play on the chorus of the song, keeping a tunnel vision to the training aspect and not getting sucked into the airsoft game.  Offset Rick Flair Drip was picked specifically for holes, more questions can be asked but I will leave it there.  The little peep song was chosen because he is from Long Island NY and died way to young, it was a nod to our friend who we shouted out at the end of the video who died way to young.  He was a great dude and a staple in Airsoft in the north east, he will be missed.  RIP Joey Bellissimo.  We used the uncut footage as an AAR for everyone on the team to see their mistakes and wasted time.  It helps to be able to see it from everyones perspective and watch it in real time.  Zulu 24 is a great field and amazing place to practice.  It has a lot of different aspects that most other fields are lacking.  The training section in the middle was filmed at HVAirsoft.  It was a day of basics to try to warm everyone back up and get them ready to go to a “game”.  Its good to look at the weekend games as a warm up to keep your skills. 



Green Mountain Rangers : 203 Extended trigger Mod 


Music:  Kodak Black - Roll in Peace

Ah yes, the 203 fix that only Ronin himself would have the evil mastermind brain to actually pull off. This was an issue with me for years, pulling the trigger and having nothing happen because it was to weak to breach the pin.  He figured out that that the pin was just not striking far enough and lost his mind with it. I'm glad he was able to figure it out because with that fix, it makes shooting 203's so much more accurate and less of a headache.  This video was made in Ronins work room where he fixes all of the guns and comes up with new shit all the time. The gun being worked on is our very own E's , he was having the issue that we all did and needed the help.  The idea of taking apart your 203 to do this can be very intimidating.  But  coming from someone who sucks working with guns, it did not seem like it was to tough of a fix.  It was such a basic trigger mechanism and all you are doing is filing down metal to make something fit better. The reason I used the song Roll in peace is because I can finally roll in peace and utilize the 203 to its full potential. Thank you Ronin  ...



Green Mountain Rangers : Airsoft Grenade Launcher Theory 


Music:  System of a Down - A.D.D  / Drake - Gods Plan

Them 203 boys, that was my former moniker which made it hard for me not to want to do a 203 video.  Ronin actually came to me with this idea after making On the X.  I was hyped for it after watching all of the footage from past games where he was draining 203’s left and right.  I wasn’t sure how to do it and tried to shy away from someone standing behind a table showing you the piece and talking about it.  I figured you can find pictures and statistics anywhere really, why not let us show you how they really are and some little tricks to using them.  After filming this, I don't think I will ever use shower shell grenades again, TAG's have ruined them for me.  I love 203’s and loved the idea of giving people knowledge of how good they can really be, Gods plan.  I used system of a down A.D.D (American Dream Disorder) as the opener to this video and cut it with quick clips for a play on the actual A.D.D.  However 203’s are the perfect toy for someone with the American Dream Disorder.  Enjoy shooting them boys…



Green Mountain Rangers : On the X


Music:  The Blasters - Dark Night  /  Lil Peep - Benz Truck

On the X, the first video I edited after coming back from hiatus.  This video was tough to edit since going through a lot of the footage I wasn’t at any of the games.  This definitely makes it hard to judge whats happening and you spend a lot of time watching through old video.  This was a good learning experience for me getting deep into airsoft again.  It gave me a perspective of how things were now and how the new guys that are rolling with the crew are now.  That put the seed into my head that footage is the best AAR, you can't hide from anything on camera.  I also really started to have vivid memories of a lot of these games watching through the footage.  Seeing what went wrong, what went right and how fun it actually all was.  These were some of the best times and continue to be for me.  Calling this video On the X was a pun on the saying,  we're on the target and for me it’s been 10 years of rolling with GMR.  Using Dark Night by the Blasters had 2 meanings to me, the basic one being that we wait til its the dark of night and then roll out nods down booyah.  The second meaning is kind of obscure and is why I edited it with quick clips, because Batman the Dark knight puts me to sleep like no other movie.  It took me years to be able to watch it through, I dont know why, good movie I know, go figure.  But I didn't want this video to be boring.  Using Lil Peep - Benz Truck was because he had just died as I was going through this footage and he was from Long Island.  He was very obscure and I had never heard of him but he had some good music.  I may not have ever heard of him unless he died.  Made me think of how much other sick shit there can be out there and how so much goes un noticed. 



Green Mountain Rangers :  Bodies


Music:  Mary J Blige - Back to life 2001 ( You know, the Belly song )




Green Mountain Rangers : GMR Gear Fit Belt 






Green Mountain Rangers : GMR Gear Gen 2 Minimap


Music: Drake - 0 to 100



Green Mountain Rangers : Airsoft 2016 Murder Death Kill


Music: Fabolous - You Be Killen Em



Green Mountain Rangers : GMR Gear Mini Map 


Music:  Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm



Green Mountain Rangers : Airsoft Machine Gun Theory 


Music: Fugees - Ready or Not



Green Mountain Rangers : CRYE Precision JPC - Cummerbund Mod





Green Mountain Rangers :  Airsoft Primary Weapon - Systema PTW