Music: Kodak Black - Drowning Future - Mask Off / Lil Peep - Awful Things / 21 Savage - Bank Account

Zulu 24 Practice Video, because I feel deep down that every time I say training I feel so pretentious.  I had to put that out there to start, just to give you an idea of why we will always put that in our title.  This is the first practice video since the last practice video we made for the team.  The one where we basically didn’t show or explain anything we did.  There was a different outlook on things back then, the time felt way more volatile and we held everything very close.  This was good in a way because a lot of the ideas and techniques were not all there yet.  We needed to keep them close to cultivate them and build them to what they are today.  We have streamlined everything to a point where we feel like its easy and viable to teach other people.  The methods are simple and nothing is to complicated.  Within a day of going through things, you will definitely learn something and have a new perspective on things.  Thats the goal going forward, in order to build this community of people who enjoy doing this.  You have to spread this knowledge, but at the same time you have to understand it and enjoy it.  Doing these larger trainings has given me a whole new love for this, thats what I tried to capture in this video.  Hoping to show other people that it is possible for them to do this too if they really want to.  Also to give them an idea of what an actual weekend with us would be like.  For the songs, I used Kodak Black Drowning because you an see everyone in the beginning drowning in their heads with all the different techniques and information going through it.  It was so much to take in, it left them drowning.  I used Future mask off because its one of the first times we didn’t rock balaclavas and I always rock that shit.  Lil peeps awful things I don’t think needs to much of a description why, but shout out to Lil Peep RIP.  Use your imagination on that one.  I used 21 savage bank account because of all the hardware in that section, shit was not bank account friendly.  It ended with some drake look alive because it was a long day of doing shit together.  We were ending strong with some raids and assaults, which can be confusing at night time if your not paying attention.  So basically, get your shit together and look alive..





Music:  Lil Peep - U Said / Offset - Ric Flair Drip / Kodak Black - Tunnel Vision

SHAKA ZULU 24, filmed at Zulu 24 Airsoft from the head cams of Paul (A12), Me (A13), Twist (D43) & E (D46).  Card/Camera issues are the reason we didnt have everyones head cam footage.  This was filmed with all contours, each one a different version as can be seen by the quality difference in each.  The songs were chosen each for a specific reason. Kodak Blacks, Tunnel Vision was picked as a play on the chorus of the song, keeping a tunnel vision to the training aspect and not getting sucked into the airsoft game.  Offset Rick Flair Drip was picked specifically for holes, more questions can be asked but I will leave it there.  The little peep song was chosen because he is from Long Island NY and died way to young, it was a nod to our friend who we shouted out at the end of the video who died way to young.  He was a great dude and a staple in Airsoft in the north east, he will be missed.  RIP Joey Bellissimo.  We used the uncut footage as an AAR for everyone on the team to see their mistakes and wasted time.  It helps to be able to see it from everyones perspective and watch it in real time.  Zulu 24 is a great field and amazing place to practice.  It has a lot of different aspects that most other fields are lacking.  The training section in the middle was filmed at HVAirsoft.  It was a day of basics to try to warm everyone back up and get them ready to go to a “game”.  Its good to look at the weekend games as a warm up to keep your skills. 



Green Mountain Rangers : 203 Extended trigger Mod 


Music:  Kodak Black - Roll in Peace

Ah yes, the 203 fix that only Ronin himself would have the evil mastermind brain to actually pull off. This was an issue with me for years, pulling the trigger and having nothing happen because it was to weak to breach the pin.  He figured out that that the pin was just not striking far enough and lost his mind with it. I'm glad he was able to figure it out because with that fix, it makes shooting 203's so much more accurate and less of a headache.  This video was made in Ronins work room where he fixes all of the guns and comes up with new shit all the time. The gun being worked on is our very own E's , he was having the issue that we all did and needed the help.  The idea of taking apart your 203 to do this can be very intimidating.  But  coming from someone who sucks working with guns, it did not seem like it was to tough of a fix.  It was such a basic trigger mechanism and all you are doing is filing down metal to make something fit better. The reason I used the song Roll in peace is because I can finally roll in peace and utilize the 203 to its full potential. Thank you Ronin  ...



Green Mountain Rangers : Airsoft Grenade Launcher Theory 


Music:  System of a Down - A.D.D  / Drake - Gods Plan

Them 203 boys, that was my former moniker which made it hard for me not to want to do a 203 video.  Ronin actually came to me with this idea after making On the X.  I was hyped for it after watching all of the footage from past games where he was draining 203’s left and right.  I wasn’t sure how to do it and tried to shy away from someone standing behind a table showing you the piece and talking about it.  I figured you can find pictures and statistics anywhere really, why not let us show you how they really are and some little tricks to using them.  After filming this, I don't think I will ever use shower shell grenades again, TAG's have ruined them for me.  I love 203’s and loved the idea of giving people knowledge of how good they can really be, Gods plan.  I used system of a down A.D.D (American Dream Disorder) as the opener to this video and cut it with quick clips for a play on the actual A.D.D.  However 203’s are the perfect toy for someone with the American Dream Disorder.  Enjoy shooting them boys…



Green Mountain Rangers : On the X


Music:  The Blasters - Dark Night  /  Lil Peep - Benz Truck

On the X, the first video I edited after coming back from hiatus.  This video was tough to edit since going through a lot of the footage I wasn’t at any of the games.  This definitely makes it hard to judge whats happening and you spend a lot of time watching through old video.  This was a good learning experience for me getting deep into airsoft again.  It gave me a perspective of how things were now and how the new guys that are rolling with the crew are now.  That put the seed into my head that footage is the best AAR, you can't hide from anything on camera.  I also really started to have vivid memories of a lot of these games watching through the footage.  Seeing what went wrong, what went right and how fun it actually all was.  These were some of the best times and continue to be for me.  Calling this video On the X was a pun on the saying,  we're on the target and for me it’s been 10 years of rolling with GMR.  Using Dark Night by the Blasters had 2 meanings to me, the basic one being that we wait til its the dark of night and then roll out nods down booyah.  The second meaning is kind of obscure and is why I edited it with quick clips, because Batman the Dark knight puts me to sleep like no other movie.  It took me years to be able to watch it through, I dont know why, good movie I know, go figure.  But I didn't want this video to be boring.  Using Lil Peep - Benz Truck was because he had just died as I was going through this footage and he was from Long Island.  He was very obscure and I had never heard of him but he had some good music.  I may not have ever heard of him unless he died.  Made me think of how much other sick shit there can be out there and how so much goes un noticed. 



Green Mountain Rangers :  Bodies


Music:  Mary J Blige - Back to life 2001 ( You know, the Belly song )




Green Mountain Rangers : GMR Gear Fit Belt 






Green Mountain Rangers : GMR Gear Gen 2 Minimap


Music: Drake - 0 to 100



Green Mountain Rangers : Airsoft 2016 Murder Death Kill


Music: Fabolous - You Be Killen Em



Green Mountain Rangers : GMR Gear Mini Map 


Music:  Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm



Green Mountain Rangers : Airsoft Machine Gun Theory 


Music: Fugees - Ready or Not



Green Mountain Rangers : CRYE Precision JPC - Cummerbund Mod





Green Mountain Rangers :  Airsoft Primary Weapon - Systema PTW 






Green Mountain Rangers : Airsoft Practice / Training Video 


Music: Rick Ross - U.O.E.N.O

Ahh the Airsoft Practice Video, looking back at this now is crazy to watch.  What I was trying to do with this video was spark the idea in everyones head about what you can do with airsoft and how It can be fun by practicing with your friends, not only being beneficial.  You have to understand at this time no one was “Training” and everyone thought it was kind of ridiculous, and most still do.  I didnt wanna give a tutorial video or step by step to sound preachy or like we knew what we were talking about.  I wanted to give you an idea of what we do and a little peek into what 'goes on at one of our practices.  It will let you decipher it and figure out what you like and how you want to use it in your own way.  We filmed this at StrikeForce sports in Long Island New York, that was one of the spots we used a lot at that time to practice.  It was a great breeding ground at the time for all of the ideas that we had and wanted to utilize.  This video was filmed right after the infamous banning, thats the reason I used the Rick Ross song U.O.E.N.O.  That song at the time was banned for a line in the song.  At the time I felt it was just as ridiculous for the reason that we got banned.  Things change and people change, it's still a good song though. 



Green Mountain Rangers : Eagle LBT Mini Map Mod


Its just like, its just like, a miniiii map.  The original mini map, wow.  Looking at the original versions of these hanging on Ronins wall gives me goosebumps and memories of how long and how far the mini map has come.  I mean, Bryans OG mini map cant even be compared, it looked awful hanging up there.  Watching this showed me how Ronin took all of the things that these were missing and more and added them to the new mini map, and then went ham on it.  At the time we wanted to make this video to show people how to make their own so they had that option if they really wanted to.  Ill admit, it was a lot of work watching it and is tough to actually make it work well.  I applauded Ronin for his innovation and perseverance on getting this done and taking it even further then I could have ever imagined.  We called it a mini map as a play on the video “its just like a mini mall”.  Because its just like a map but mini, a mini map.  Thats why you can hear the audio from that video playing at the end.   I used a green screen and added the Taco Bell in the background because at the time after every thing that went down we always found ourselves there.  It was a staple for the times and the smell and sound of broken glass still brings back memories of the Almighty Taco Bell. 



Green mountain rangers "night raids" 


Music: Trevor Hoar-Original Score

Some old NVG footage I shot for GMR. New edit with original score.

Edited by Trevor Hoar 



Green Moutain Rangers : Uncommon Ground / An Airsoft Video 


Music: Led Zeppelin - When the Levee Breaks  /   50 Cent - / Perfect Circle - The Noose / Kanye West - Ham/ System of a Down - Attack /Muse - Knights of Cydonia /  Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness Steve Aoki Remix

Uncommon Ground, the Airsoft video… Calling it Uncommon Ground because thats where we found ourselves at this time.  What we were trying to do was Uncommon and where we were at in everyones eyes was on uncommon ground.  We were trying to build the common ground with everyone with what we were doing but it didn’t seem to be working.  I wanted to show everyone a brief look at why we were banned because people were talking and coming up with crazy reasons to what they thought.  I wanted to lay them all out and let them decide, leave everything out in the open without any lies or agenda.  This video took a while to make going through the footage and cutting it to something we felt was watchable.  I feel like it stands the test of time even 5 or 6 years later which is what I wanted.  At the time it was a lot of kill videos and skate video style videos, I wanted to show something a little more in-depth of who we were and what we were doing as a team at the time.  Take away a bit of the mystique of wondering and let you see a little bit of how we do things.  I included the 2 other sections, work out and practice to kind of break up the video and show you some of the other things we do as a team besides being at the game.  There are a lot of layers going into being able to roll together as a single unit and keep it tight.  I felt like highlighting these was a way to show people that and maybe inspire them to do the same.  Doing things is always much more fun with your friends and anything to get you moving and inspired is always a plus.  RIP to both of these games, I do miss the events, but more the people and places.  Looking through the footage making 'on the x' I saw a lot of hiccups and unnecessary weird things that happened that are usual Airsoft nonsense and can detract from having a good time. That made me not miss some of these things, but I think the balance of good times with your friends definitely outweighs that.  At the end of the video I wanted to end with something ridiculous because Airsoft and what were doing can be kind of ridiculous at moments. Also to show that we don’t take ourselves to seriously, you cant, what were doing is fun so have it.  I do remember reading a comment from someone about Music and stealing a lot of songs from the movie Project X, the answer is yes, yes I did take a lot of songs after watching that movie. I enjoyed the shit out of that stupid movie and the songs made it in my eye, wanted to carry some of that over.  I started the video with Led Zeppelin when the levees break because it was the start of the video and the shit was about to pop, get you a little hyped up to what is to come.  When we are on the rooftop I used the song from system of a down , attack because out of no where we got attacked by 50 dudes and we maintained our shit.  For the section in the middle where we discuss the team and what we are I chose the song from perfect circle the noose.  I chose this because the words in the song are “And not to pull your halo down, Around your neck and tug you to the ground”, basically don’t think your the shit because you will end up with nothing and “But I'm more than just a little curious,How you're planning to go about making your amends” because at the time we were banned from a few games and it felt like everyone was wondering what we were going to do to apologize or make things right, which looking back I don’t think there was anything we could have done.  Every other song has some sort of quirk to it, just like every video I put out I try to have a nod to the person watching that this is all fun. 



Green Mountain rangers operation black sheep


Music: Trevor Hoar Original Score

This is the first part to a 3 part documented game following the Green Mountain Rangers during Operation Black Sheep at Fort Drum.

Edited by Trevor Hoar



Green mountain rangers fort drum trailer 


Music: Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang 

This is a trailer to a documented Green Mountain Ranger operation at Fort Drum during Operation Black Sheep 2012.

Edited by Trevor Hoar



Green Mountain Rangers : Combat Operations 2012 


Music: Clint Mansell - Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack

This video was a culmination of a long period of time and games we went attended as a team.  There was a lot of practice and new things happening around this time, it was a great time for GMR.  This was also some of the first days of young Holes.  I remember putting this video together not sure what to do with all of the footage and felt like this was the best way to display it.  I had always hoped for the long video that Uncommon Ground is, but a lot of the gameplay and things that happened in these games were so fragmented.  Some of the games in the video were, RSE , OP Climb to Glory, Coram, Fort Drum and the infamous Log Park.  The first RSE was one of the best times we ever had playing airsoft.  The OP and game all ran pretty smoothly, was a very memorable experience.  Not to mention was the first time we became infamous for the roof top shenanigans that we are probably known for now.  This is also the video that got us banned from Blacksheep and other events.  This game did not include footage from any of their games either which makes it a real kicker.  The reason I chose this song is because I loved requiem for a dream and always felt like song conveyed something dramatic and fucked up.  Watching all the footage, thats what I wanted to get across to everyone watching it.  Although now it may seem kind of generic now, that was the feeling I had at the time.  The infamous log park is something we have always used within the team to break people.  Its very simple in theory but very hard to do.  Its kind of a lore amongst us, sounds cheesy but its been the best work out ive had climbing over that thing.  Figure it out on your own too, that's the real beast.



Green Mountain Rangers : Loadout Video 


The original load out video, something I did not want to do at the time and did not understand.  How wrong was I thinking no one wanted to see it and how right was Ronin to make this happen.  We filmed this in the back asylum like room at Strikeforce sports in Long Island after a day of practice.   This was a culmination of our kit after a long period of tuning and trying different things.  It was tough for us to make one of these for the longest time because we kept changing our kit to find things that worked.  This is probably one of the versions we were satisfied with at the time and didn’t change to much on for a long period.  Some of the things in it still carry over to kit today, but things always change.  At the time there wasn’t really anyone making videos on gear or even as into it as it seems people are today.  This was kind of an anomaly to people and piecing all of the kit together was done by trial and error since there was no one to really take examples from.  Especially with what we are doing, we are doing something very specific where some things that may work for us might not work for other people.  I love looking back at this to see the evolution of how much things have changed and wondering how much more they will going forward.



Green Mountain Rangers : Night Vision Mounts and Night Vision Optics Review 


The original Night Vision video filmed the same day as the load out video in the same asylum room in the back of strike force sports.  I remember looking through a pvs 14 for the very first time and being blown away.  Going from having no idea, to actually seeing it, it cant be explained and most people usually have the same reaction from a good pair of NODS ( Night Optics Device ).  Back then there was no information on night vision really, no one owned them.  It was kind of looked at like a rappers chain, no one knew why we had them but we did.  To us it was something completely different, it allowed us to add another level to the game we already loved.  It adds a different element that is taken away during the day.  You get used to being out there in the day so much, night is just a different beast.  It became our calling card I guess you could say, so this video was our way to show people what these devices were really about.  They don’t make you invincible, trust me on that.  Especially a pvs 14, your running around basically like a pirate.  Now that more people have night vision it changes everything completely.  I write this while attempting to make a new updated night vision video for everyone.  Looking at the new equipment in use comparing it to this is night and day.  The new tubes, mounts, additions, recording devices.  Its a completely different game and I hope we can explain it to you well enough to make you want a pair of your own. 



Green Mountain Rangers : TRG Grabber Folding Grappling Hook Review 


This is definitely because we all grew up in the 80s and at one point had an obsession with ninjas.  I mean, grappling hooks and ninjas go hand in hand.  This was filmed at a park by Ronins house when we wanted to test out some rappelling equipment and to see if that hook would actually work and sustain a person.  That shit worked amazingly, if you watch the video you can see how easy it catches, hardest part would be ascending the rope.  Thats the part you cant leave out if you do get one of these, is a way to ascend up the hook.  This thing is really light and the collapsible feature allows you to store it pretty easily.  You only gotta get some practice throwing it so you don’t look bobo.  I would definitely say if you ever even thought about a grappling hook, this is the way to go.




Green Mountain Rangers : CTOMS CMC Rescue M-Harness QRPS Battle Belt Review  


The C Toms Battle belt, this was just part of a cycle I would say in finding the perfect equipment.  We always wanted a belt that was versatile, kept the gun off your leg, was stable around your waist and didn’t bounce around.  This belt offered that in a way, it was very stable on your body because of the quality of the build. The rappelling feature might have been the little piece that threw us over the top on getting this and also the reason for the quality.  This is also what we used in the 2012 Video that got us banned, little Easter egg for you.  Looking back this belt is very cumbersome and carrying a little rig to rappel would be much easier then wearing this all day.  The belt was built very well though, all the clips and pieces are solid, thats what made us use this belt for as long as we did.  We only strayed away from this because we have tried to slim down our gear profile overall.  This is like a reminder of an era for me, I know everyone has had their stages.  I have to admit though, if I was ever to wear a battle belt again, it would probably be this one.  



Green Mountain Rangers : Kydex Gear Trailer 


Music: Kanye West & Jay Z - Ni**as in Paris

This is the long form version of our opener.  I remember making this with the footage Trevor let us use after a day at an airport hangar in Long Island.  Trevor was filming a trailer for something and we were there to help, sort of.  This is some of the footage from that day the way I saw it put together.  It started as an idea for an opener for videos and I felt silly putting it out just as that.  Ronin was also just starting to sell kydex so I figured it would be a nice little addition at the end.  These were old times man! Haha… I ended up chopping it a little and using that little piece for the opener because i doubt all of you would wanna see that whole thing every time before a video.  Tried to keep it nice and short.  The reason I used Kanye and Jay Z was no real crazy reason, I really like the machine kinda beat in the middle and I was looking for something like that to use as an opener.  When I heard that song I thought it was perfect, especially since everyone else knows the song for the other part.  Hopefully its been sticking in all of your heads and has become synonymous with GMR videos for you at this point.



Battlefield 3 Live action Trailer - GMR 


This is a Fan made Live action Trailer I made for the new Battlefield 3 game. All the live action footage I Produced/Directed/Edited/Scored my self. The titile logo graphics is from DICE. The footage is originally from a trailer to my own film series I have been creating, but thought it fit well to promote the new Battlefield game.

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Sound Designer/Score- Trevor Hoar DP- Nate Pardee AD- Tyler Bodamer Sound- Gabe Soyka/Joe Travis Taylor Grip/Electic- Cody Snider/ Wiley Abbas Make Up- Chantal Parisette CAST Church Soldier/Voice Over- Mike Connell



Green Mountain Rangers : Operation Pine Plans II 


Gimmie numbers, Gimmie numbers !… OPP II, the first time I ever officially rolled with GMR.  That was one of the wildest games when I get flashbacks of it.  It might be from it being my first experience rolling with a crew that big and organized, but I remember everyone being amped up for that game after hearing about OPP 1.   Some of our cast of characters were, Ronin, Paul, Blackjack, S2, Bushwick, Punchline, Mick, Mole, MJRC, Lance & Ranger John … Ranger John is a beast, I thought I was in shape but this dude climbed hills like he had robot legs.  In the beginning we split the team into 2 groups, Ronins team and Blackjacks team, I ended up being a part of Ronins team which was a blessing.  We saw all the action while Blackjacks Crew hung out in the next building over popping people from windows.  We still don’t know why they didn’t try to come help us out.  We were taking contact from a building on the right, enemies were coming from the upstairs and there was a dip in the hill out the window they could sneak up close on.  It was a retarded place to hold but we did work and had a shit load of fun. There were so many people that attended this game and it was the first real appearance of people geared the fuck out.  When I mean geared the fuck out, I’m talking maps on maps on maps. Layers of shit stacked up for no reason.  We waited to put our kit on until it was game time, but we watched hundreds of other people walking around geared to the teeth parading around in a sort of look at me fashion show.  They were not physically ready and or didn’t field test their kit because most were done an hour into the game.  However, this video captures some of that first hour and how wild it got.  This room changed my airsoft DNA in more ways then one.  It showed me what can be capable with airsoft and the amount of adrenaline you can bring yourself from it depending on people and situations.  The other way it changed my DNA was when S2 old gmr , dripped sweat into my mouth.  Something I will never forget and still get douche chills from.



Green Mountain Rangers : Monster Energy Drink 


Music: Godsmack - Good Day to Die

My how me and monster have come a long way.  I used to think monster was disgusting and didn’t know how they stayed in business because I knew no one that would drink it.  Now, the world has turned my friend.  The white one is delicious when you need some caffeine, I cant lie, or I’m just trash.  We made this video as a joke, we were asked by someone to film this sort of “raid” on a building for monster.  We had no idea nor did we care, we thought it was hilarious and we were given smoke and had been practicing non stop anyway so this was just another way to get a run in.  The best part about it had to be the smoke, that fuckin smoke ball was ridiculous.  Ive yet to this day have a smoke that good, that actually worked like you wanted it too.  One of my favorite parts is when we throw the banger at the guy already on the floor, those were CTS fuses outside of the body.  That shit was not easy on the ears but very easy to throw.  I love anyone who took this video seriously and thought we were retarded.  I kept it unlisted for the longest time because I thought it was ridiculous, then I just said fuck it.  Let the people who get it, get it, those who don’t keep deciphering.  I was going to use this song for the OPP IV video, which is my favorite video still to this day to watch.  This was also filmed the same time as OPP IV either before or after the game, I cant remember its been so long.  But I did feel like drinking a monster and doing a raid to the song “ a good day to die” is way to perfect.  . 



Green Mountain Rangers : Operation Pine Plains IV


Music: Godsmack - What If?

OPP 4 , one of the best times and games I have ever had while involved with airsoft.  This video does not do any justice to the planning that was involved for this event.  Prior to this we spent every weekend traveling and trying to work with different crews of people as a work up for this game.  We went over CQB , structuring and contingencies.  It was an eye opening experience dealing with many other crews besides our own and trying to unionize everyone for the same goal.  Things definitely didn't turn out as expected and only a few of the other squads held up through the day and night.  This is by far my favorite video I have put together, it has to be nostalgia watching this video again.  All of the moments mean so much more thinking of the work and time that was put into them.  This was a great time for GMR, this was the early stages of us really taking control of the training and CQB ideas we are known for today.  The reason I chose the ridiculous works of Godsmack's "What If" is not only because of the crescendo but for some of the lyrics.  "Been disconnected for so long, and left my mark here along the way" , "what if I leave could  still breathe, what if i Breathe could I still be, and if I leave would I be me" .  Everyone will derive their own meaning from it, for me it was about finding what it is that finally gets me going and motivated.  There was a mission that was not able to be shown due to the crappy camera quality.  It was a night raid through a sewer system which I remember clearly to this day.  There are not many other games that can compare to OPP IV, I'm not sure why but it has a special place in all of our hearts.



Green mountain rangers : OPP III Part 1


OPP III, to me this felt like a culmination of everything at the time.  Airsoft was growing exponentially and gear was everywhere to be found for once.  It was a great moment in time for airsoft, there were plenty of different games to go to and the feeling of growth could be felt for everyone who was involved.  Operation Pine Plains III was filmed for Blacksheep Bucharelli , da booch, and Tom of MSATO, many wouldn't know they were brothers and ended up competing with each other to run events.  Tom was trying to use this footage to sell a TV show idea, he was desperately at the time trying to find guns that shut off once your vest has been hit.  The concept was way to funky and left to many questions for it to ever really become viable.  Needless to say the tv show fell through and the footage was left out amongst a few people.  It took me a few weeks at the time to get the footage from everyone that went into this.  You may ask why it took so long, I have no idea, people became schiesty with their footage and didn't wanna hand it over.  Even when getting the footage it was heavily edited and most of the good action portions were cut out for their own later use.  That's why to this day I feel like this video could have been so much better than what it was.  I used that frustration to make Uncommon Ground.  This video does have a lot of good points and is a great look into the transition of GMR at the time.  The first part of this video does a good job highlighting that mix of the new and the old.  Shout out to all of the old guys rolling…. Blackjack, MJRC, Punchline, Mole, Lancey, Mick, Bill,Bushwick



Green mountain rangers : OPP III Part 2 


Part 2 of 6, before youtube would let me upload hour long videos.  In this part of the video I wanted to give a brief introduction to what airsoft is and where it originated, at the time not everyone knew the history of it.  We wanted to give a brief introduction to people watching this video who may not know anything about Airsoft Weapons.  The First portion of the video was filmed in the back of Coram on our old Training Grounds.  Pauly D and I burned through about 9 Systema motors back then at Coram, still to this day I blame the evil Coram spirits, although Ronin blames primitive LIPO technology and he's probably right.  The second half was one of my favorite FRAGO's from OPP III.  It was probably one of the most tiring of the weekend, but one of the most fun.  Firing around broken down Apaches and Trucks made it feel immersive as fuck.  The ground was rough as fuck and I'm loaded with the most gear I had ever worn to an OP of that magnitude.  The field we were walking through was full of holes and divets in the ground making maneuvering dangerous as fuck on your little ankles.  The mission was to walk across the field and make it to the other side while 3 op for were waiting in the brush to ambush us.  Looking back after the action, we were so dumb not putting all of our focus on the big bush in the middle of the field.  Everyone was to fixated on the Helicopters and Trucks, because they had so many hiding spots to pop out from and gave you amazing cover if utilized.  We took one or 2 casualties on the first ambush but were able to keep it moving and make it to the end.  Solid mission , even though I lost a damn mad bull grenade, which could be for the better now.  The real kicker was once we made it to the end, we just had to walk back like a bunch of   mooks.  Not a great finale for what started as a pretty sick mission.



Green mountain rangers : OPP III Part 3


Contacttt rahhhghrahg hit hit , oh Blackjack how you are missed.  What a cluster fuck the end becomes, I remember after taking out all of the OPFOR we were informed that there were no other enemies to look for and to just head back.  Kind of disappointing which is why all of our body language shows that.  The training part of this shows techniques we are still using to this day.  Rolling the gun, hour glass drills, matrix boards, side steps and so on.  These were the first days of manipulating matrix boards and trying to add new techniques to our training.  Looking back now I may have cut the video a little bit faster since it does tend to drag on at points.  However if you watch through and pay attention you may be able to pick up a few tips.



Green mountain rangers : OPPIII Part 4


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Green Mountain Rangers : OPP III Part 5


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Green Mountain Rangers : OPP III Part 6


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Green Mountain Rangers : Airsoft Combat Operations 


Music:  Disturbed  -  Conflict

Ahh the worst name for an airsoft video, but not a bad video.  The editing isn't the best and the music is kinda trash but its a marker in time for me.  This video has different clips from so many places we have been.  One of my favorite in this is the Random Rooftop and training building used by the national guard located about 100 meters away from the airport, crazy.  It really gave me insight into how little the national guard knew about rifles, shooting and anything of that nature.  It was crazy to see them worse at it then a normal airsoft player.  I know thats not a large portion of the job, it would be like seeing a pro wrestler not be able to do a body slam but do the shit out of your taxes.   A lot of this footage is 2007-2009.  Some of the footage was used in the OPP III video, but at the time it felt like that was way to long for anyone to actually watch completely through.  The reason I chose the song is ridiculous, even you all can see it I'm sure, enemy… thats basically what airsoft is, hunting an enemy.  However this was a start in actually taking the idea of making videos a little more serious.  It made me update my equipment and start to think some of the concepts through so I don't look back on these memories with any embarrassment .  You can even see how shitty I was with it by looking at the warped ass black diamond at the end, it looks all fat and dilapidated.  My favorite part is watching us clear the empty school, nothing dramatic and nothing special to it.  Its just interesting for me to look back on old techniques and how silly some of it is without the added updates.



Green Mountain rangers : MAATC Banger demo


MAATC, hosted by TSOG and Hatchet Force in California.  The idea of this weekend was a way to bring teams together to train and get to know each other.  Kind of a way to bridge the community so its not so partitioned.  The day started with introductions and Hatchet Force had a Hand to hand combat demonstration with some knife master.  He was pretty on point with it, at one point he called a guy out to attack him and the guy ended up on his knees in front of him with his neck out stretched for him to slice.  Still laugh about it to this day thinking of that moment.  After that we did some live fire shooting drills, wherever we were in the Tehatchapee mountains at one of the guys range he had pretty much in his back yard.  We did AR , Shotty and Pistol shooting competitions on various metal knockdown targets.  The next day we went to an airsoft field in the mountains which i hear is still used to this day.  It reminded us of some weird cult compound.  Little wooden huts with bunk beds that have baby dinosaur sheets on them, creepy as fuck.  We were asked to do a demonstration side by side with TSOG to showcase the way each of us handle clearing rooms.  TSOG was using a method to clear smaller areas, such as meth RVS.  Where we went more direct to action airsoft style.  After this we took a look at both techniques and tried to blend them in a way that would work for us.  This is where the idea of the blocker was formed.  Now, I'm leaving out the best part of this, Jeff gave us a DEFTEC Concussion grenade to bang out the room.  I had never held seen or don't anything with a DEFTEC, only in games.  Shit was sexy and skinny as fuck, you can see our faces as we are in the diamond and TSOG bangs out the first room.  We felt the concussion through the ground and all gave each other the look like " oh shit its about to get real".  I know a lot of people watching this are looking at me flagging the window before the clear and your right.  I was flagging the window, but for purpose sake we were just trying to show the most basic clear without any extras added on.  Adding that window would have changed the technique and required another step that could be confusing for people watching.  So we kept it easy and stayed with the basic clear.  Feeling that DEFTEC go off was one of the most unreal things, it took the oxygen out of my lungs and gave me jelly legs.  I remember specifically after it going off seeing wood chunks fly past my face through the open window and feeling my legs get weak from the explosion.  It was a weird feeling, i haven't had it to this day with any other explosive i have thrown.  One thing that was not known about concussion or flash bangs is that they actually throw shrapnel.  We had the standard green plastic army targets in the room at normal human height and each one had metal in it.  One had 2 exacto blade size chunks embedded in the neck so deep we couldn't pull them out.  This made me look at every time someone was banged completely different, who knows what they got hit with?  The device is metal and those chunks do have to go somewhere, apparently its towards your neck.  Thanks Jeff and TSOG for the great weekend and a memory that will last forever.  



TSOG & Green mountain rangers 


TSOG 2 Day Airsoft Training Conference - Team TSOG (in woodland & Multicam) and Team GMR (DCU) practicing room clearing during the second day.

TSOG Website :



green mountain rangers : opp II


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Green mountain rangers : ACO 2008 - 2009


Music: System of a Down - Holy Mountains

The first video I ever made for GMR.  If you ever wondered why the youtube name is HighReadyClips and not GMRangers its because I had started this account before being apart of GMR.  I started this around the time I started rolling with them but didn't post until I got the approval from the team to do so.  Thus HighReadyClips was born,  thats how long High Ready has been in the picture.  I used the word clips as a play on the slang for a rifle magazine and the fact that we are putting clips together to create a video.  Before me it was Mole who was in charge of the media and he could be a devil to work with and get stuff done.  I remember the early days of this for me was based on collecting all of the old footage and having as much of it as I could.  I knew no one ever wanted to part with it but at the same time was not doing anything with it.  I became a bit of a footage and camera whore from that point on.  I wanted this video to be a lot better then it actually turned out, but hey it was one of my first attempts with editing on a shitty program with a shitty computer.  Its an interesting time capsule to watch and always reminds me of the way things started.  Thank you to everyone who is following on youtube and enjoys watching our stuff.  I will keep trying to innovate on videos and giving all of you some good shit to watch and spark some ideas.  Come on Cohaagen, give these people air…