Ben zito A13 GEAR

There have been many different generations of the GMR loadout.  Looking back through old gear is like digging through old memories.  The changes are dating back to thigh rigs and safarilands with MK23s, CTOMs Belts, MSA Strobes on top of your helmet.  So many different things through the years have led us to the place we are now.  We have streamlined almost everything trying to allow more mobility with as much firepower as possible.  The reason we run the CRYE JPC is because it’s a lot easier to move around, it’s lighter then most other rigs and it fits very well.  I run 6 mags up front because I feel like 3 is just not enough.  3 mags with one in the gun will get you into a fight, you need the other 3 to finish the deal in my opinion.  I run the blue force gear elastic holder and the GMR 3 Mag Kydex Insert.  I love it because of how low pro it is, nothing sticking out to get caught on anything and its not to heavy causing unneeded weight.  I wear my pistol inside my waistband which can be harder on the draw, something you get used to.  However it allows for a lot more mobility and you almost forget you have anything on your waist.  The fanny pack I wear is connected to my pants so there is no need for any extra strap to get caught on anything.  Ill usually carry an extra battery or something that I would need to use and get to quickly.  On my back I have a mini map with my radio, water and depending on the mission other team supplies.  On my head I have a MICH 2001 which is heavy as shit but it isn’t as bad as the old MICH 2000.  I have a contour on my right shooting side, call sign tag on left, EOS counterweight in back to help balance the nods.  Norotos front mount with a Rhino Arm holding Night Enforcer PVS 14s.  The PVS 14s have protective covers and lif filters so my eyes don’t melt.  This is what I’m using for now and I love it, I haven’t had any issues with any of the set up or equipment.  But things will definitely change, we cant stay stagnant.



  • Systema M4
  • Daniel Defense MK 18 Rail
  • EOTech 
  • PEQ 2
  • GMR Battery Caddy
  • G&P 203 Launcher 
  • G&P 203 Grip
  • King Arms Suppressor 
  • Umarex G17 Pistol 


  • CRYE JPC Coyote Brown
  • GMR Mini Map
  • GMR 203 Bandolier x2
  • Blue Force Gear M4 Mag
  • GMR Clingers
  • V-Lite
  • Slap Charge Pouch 



  • MSA MICH 2000
  • Norotos NVG Mount 
  • H Harness Helmet Strap
  • Contour Head Cam
  • EOS Counter Weight Pouch
  • PVS 14 Night Enforcer 


  • ATS Raid Assault Pack 
  • MSA Gas Mask
  • GMR Inside Waist Pistol Holster 
  • Crowbar


  • Blackhawk AOR1 Pants
  • Blackhawk PCU
  • Blackhawk AOR1 Top
  • VEVO Barefoot