Gear is the most important/unimportant aspect of the team as it doesn’t make a good teammate but it can make a more capable player.  Above all a reliable rifle, radio and pistol are crucial but beyond that the rest is tailored for comfort and maneuverability.  Over the last decade gear has gone through an evolution of bulky and cumbersome into extremely streamlined versions of the past.  

   MSA tc-2001

The 2001 has been a great helmet to use.  While there are lighter non ballistic helmets , I’ve always liked the solid feel of the ballistic shell as it just feels more balanced.  The Wilcox g30 mount is non detachable so it forever remains on the helmet but the big payoff is that it’s the most low pro nvg mount available.  This means it reduces the profile of my nods and keeps them closer to the helmet when in the stowed up position.  

   Crye jumpable plate carrier (JPC)

This is by far the lightest and most streamlined vest we have used during our time playing airsoft.  The ability to shoulder your rifle without any buckles, shoulders pads or unnecessarily wide plate bag is a game changer as you can get behind the barrel faster and much easier without fumbling the stock around. The original webbing had no give to it and felt very restrictive so decided to modify and add on the elastic cumberbun which brings up the comfort level big time.  It allows the vest to be synched down while allowing free movement and unrestricted breathing.  Great solid vest that we plan on using the majority of the time.

   Mini map 

Using other modular assault packs in the past were always a pain in the ass (literally).  Taking a knee or sitting down would more often than not result in squishing the bottom of the pack and possibly breaking items inside like batteries, speed loaders, snacky smores.  Also trying to unbury something that was on the bottom of the map might as well not even have been brought.  Can even attach FUPAs so you can have grenades on your back for the rest of the team.  The minimap helped remove all the lil head aches with a much more streamlined version that was more practical for airsoft.  The multiple entry spots and overall sturdy canvas material makes it feel like nothing is there.  For game mission essentials there’s nothing better at this time.

   Blue force gear mag pouch

We discovered these great mag pouches back around 2011 or 12 and they’ve withheld the test of time.  The stand out above the rest because of they are low pro, light weight and durable.  Being realistic your not going to be sliding around concrete all day and expect them to hold up but for majority of the time they will hold up when going prone and standard wear and tear.  Its the lil bit you must give up in order to get the benefits of being so light and low profile.

   Gmr kydex 3x mag insert

Really like this custom kydex insert as it makes inserting right side or upside down extremely easy in a pinch.  The shock cord separators allow enough room and give to easily jam full or empty mags in.

   Gmr bandoleer

These bandoleers attach to the molle on the rear plate carrier and velcro upfront on the cumberbun.  Depending whether or not we run an m203 we will load these up with Tag rounds or standard grenades.

   Gmr fupa

This is a fast access grab point that makes deploying a grenade fast and easy.  There’s little to no fumbling around when grabbing for this in a tight situation.  Freeing up more space on your vest is another perk of this.  I like to double dip and have 2 set side by side, also on the back of my MAP.

   Gmr fitbelt

Love this belt for the fact that it doesn’t shred your hips apart and the elastic has a little bit of give so you can tighten things down real good.  My external kydex pistol holster and dump pouch stay in the perfect position and never flop around.  Also during a really long op on a hot day after you lose a few ibs of water weight, you can compensate with this belt so your pants don’t loosen up and it remains very comfortable.

   CSM fanny pack

Great goto pouch for quick easy access to a variety of essentials. I’ll keep batteries, multi-tool, spare lenses, snackies.  Pretty much small items that someone always ends up needing and i hate asking people for this stuff.

   CSM mini dump pouch

This is a very well made 1000 cordura dump pouch that is the perfect size to dump an empty mag or two in, water bottle, dead rag or really anything that fits.  I prefer the mini over the larger standard sized versions because it is very low pro and doesn’t get in the way or add too much weight.

   Vivo barefoot SG Hiker

These have been my favorite boots to date.  Ive tried everything from Salomon, Asolo, Merrell, Bates, VFF’s, inov8s, Altra and have never been satisfied.  Im not a fan of chunky boots with a heel raise or tons of padding and have sprained my ankle in 8in boots twice ironically enough.  These Vivos have a great blend of hiking boot/athletic sneaker type feel to them.  They dont offer much padding have zero heel raise and are very stiff the first 2 or 3 times wearing them but after the initial break in period ..... AMAZING.  The toe box is extremely wide that your foot gets a good splay while not being very pointy or feeling like there is too much boot in the forefoot.  Really awesome boot that after the break in period becomes one with your foot.  




  • Systema M4
  • Daniel Defense Rail System  
  • EOTech 
  • Pistol 
  • Grenade Launcher 


  • GMR Mini Map 
  • Blue Force Gear M4 Mag
  • GMR Elastic Cummerbund 


  • MSA Mich 2000
  • NVG Mount
  • Contour Camera 
  • Counter Weight
  • Pad System
  • Retention System
  • Night Vision  


  • Kifaru Pack


  • AOR1
  • DCU
  • PCU
  • M81
  • Footwear