I used to be obsessed with gear. Throughout the years I’ve realized it’s not the arrow, but the Indian. Keep that in mind because I have some funky stuff with my kit. 

The overall philosophy is that the lighter things are, the less I need to worry about gutting it out. The airframe was the first time I went out on a limb and scooped something totally out of regs, but it ended up being adopted. It’s light, hugs the head like a fitted and has great ventilation. It can also take a beating. The same thought process carried over and made me switch to the bcm keymod rail. It took a little while getting used to, but really is tough as hell and significantly lighter than the DD block II rails that look great and perform well. 

Continuing with the rifle, we wanted to adopt a truly ambidextrous setup so there is the knights mag release, the sopmod light on the Haley extended rail and a 2 way pressure pad set at 11 and 1 to enable the user the ability to activate the peq with either hand while not washing out the flood or laser. The Eotech’s field of view and reticle can’t be beat and the riser allows for a shooting posture that keeps the user’s traps to be more relaxed. 

The 15s were our go to unit to buy because of the overall function and durability of the housing. After a few years of use, I’m glad I bought these and not another unit to account for my generally goofy caveman moments running into shit or just beating gear up. They’ve held up and I go out not worrying about them.

The last thing I’ll touch on is the JPC. It’s well stitched, has a low profile to the user’s torso and looks mean too. The elastic cummerbund is a must have for comfort and consistent gear placement. I don’t want this thing moving all over, but moving with me and this mod done by Roni really brings this thing up a level. Another difference developed in the last few years is banger placement being adopted to the front as well. This allows us to have it both ways, whether side by side or spaced out from the crew.



  • Systema PTW Mil/LE
  • BCM Keymod Rail 
  • Insight M3 SOPMOD Light
  • BCM Keymod Shorty Grip
  • GP Knight Suppressor
  • PEQ 15
  • EOTech XPS 3-0 w/ LARUE 5/8 Riser Mount
  • Tokyo Mauri 226
  • Insight M3 w/ Flick Switch


  • BFG 10 Speed Triple 
  • GMR Mini Map 
  • GMR Elastic Cummerbund
  • GMR Elastic 203 Bandoleirs
  • Eagle Breach Charge Pouch
  • Stanley 4/lb Sledge
  • Dual Comms
  • PTS PTW Magpul Pmag & Emag
  • BFG/Magpul 1-2 Point Sling  
  • S&S Precision V-Lite in Red
  • Source Hydration Tube 


  • CRYE Airframe ( started the trend )
  • Wilcox L30 Mount FDE
  • Team Wendy Epic Pads
  • Team Wendy Cam Fit
  • PVS 15's NODS
  • EOD Medium Counterweight Pouch
  • BCO Mod15 NOD Recording Device
  • MOHOC Action Camera 


  • ICS Six Shot Grenade Launcher 
  • Aimpoint T1
  • GMR Kydex SIG 223 Holster


  • CRYE G3's AOR1
  • DCU
  • Patagonia PCU
  • Propper M81
  • Vivo Barefoot Booties / New Balance 
  • 40040v1s/ Iowa Zephyrs
  • UA Baia
  • Oakley M Frame Alphas